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Get the best home insurance in Fishers IN for your most valuable asset. Let the Hammel Family Insurance Agency help you protect it, so you can enjoy life with your family and friends.

Peace of mind

A home is more than likely your most valuable asset. Beyond that your home is a place where you should feel safe. It’s a place where you raise your children and enjoy visiting with your family and friends. Let our experienced insurance agents help you insure the things that matter most.

Policies made specifically for you

Indiana homes are as different as the people who own them, so you won’t catch the Hammel Family Insurance Agency peddling the “one size fits most” policies. Instead, we’ll learn about you and your home insurance needs. We offer deductible options to fit a variety of budgets. Coverage limits for your policy can be adjusted from basic coverage to high-value home coverage. When you move or renovate your existing home, your Hammel Family Insurance Agency professional will help you determine what changes should be made to your coverage in order to adequately protect your living space.


Quality Service

When looking for home insurance in Fishers IN, your home should be protected from whatever life can throw at you. When you need your claim settled by an insurance company that understands the importance of the place you call home, the Hammel Family Insurance Agency will have your back.

We will help you find the right home insurance in Fishers IN that will best meet your needs and provide the most valuable combination of tailored coverage, quality service and competitive pricing.

Pricing based on your area

Without using an agency like us, it can be difficult to know the difference between different home insurance policies. We will explain how each policy is different and find the one that best meets your needs and wants. Not every area of Fishers has equal home insurance costs. Policies are often priced on local variables such as the number of claims filed in the immediate area, meaning the neighborhood in which you live could have a major impact on how much you pay to insure your home. Find out more about pricing in Fishers IN with the Hammel Family Insurance Agency.


Helpful agents

You’ve found the perfect home to lay down your roots in Indiana. From Indianapolis to Fort Wayne, Evansville to South Bend and everywhere in between, your property and belongings should be protected with the right home insurance. The Hammel Family Insurance Agency helps homeowners like you safeguard their treasured property and personal belongings from covered damages, theft and more. Get your home insurance in Fishers IN quote today.


What is homeowners insurance?

Homeowners insurance pays out if an event covered under your policy damages or destroys your home or belongings. It will also cover you in certain instances if you injure someone else or cause property damage. Homeowners insurance has four main functions:

  • Repair your house, yard and other structures.
  • Repair or replace your personal belongings.
  • Pay for you to live elsewhere while your house is being repaired.
  • Cover personal liability if you’re held legally responsible for damage or injury to someone else.


Is homeowners insurance required?

Homeowners insurance coverage isn’t required by law, but if you have a mortgage, your lender will likely require you to insure the home to protect its investment. Even if you don’t have a mortgage, home insurance is almost always a wise purchase. Because it gives you property and liability coverage, a homeowners policy is a financial safety net you may someday be glad to have.


How Much Insurance Do I Need?

You need to buy as much home insurance as it would take to rebuild your home. Most homeowners insurance policies have a minimum of $100,000 in liability coverage, but most folks end up buying dwelling coverage in the amount of $300,000 and even up to $500,000.


What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

A standard homeowners insurance policy actually comprises four types of insurance products. Each of these products covers a different area of risk:


-Dwelling Insurance

Dwelling coverage comprehends the structure of your house, including the walls, ceilings, floors and roof. While this protection extends to built-in appliances, an attached garage and an attached deck, dwelling coverage often does not cover your car or a stand-alone garage or shed.


-Personal Property Insurance

This insurance covers your personal property, including your furniture, rugs, clothing, electronics, sporting equipment and, say, your piano. While this insurance covers stolen items, it does not cover lost items.

While most homeowners insurance policies place a strict coverage limit for jewelry, furs and other big-ticket items, you can purchase a separate insurance product that will reimburse you for the full replacement value of your favorite jewelry and any other luxury items. 


-Additional Living Expenses Insurance

Also called loss-of-use coverage, this insurance pays for your living expenses, including food and lodging, if your house suddenly becomes uninhabitable. While there is a policy limit on any loss-of-use coverage, some liability limits can be as high as 20% of the dollar amount of your dwelling liability protection. 


-Liability Insurance

Liability coverage pays for any lawsuits resulting from an injury sustained on your property by If someone is injured on your property, this insurance pays for your legal bills.


What Is a Premium?

A home insurance premium is the payment you make each month to keep your homeowners insurance policy active for a 12-month period. If you do not make consistent and on-time payments, your rate may be increased as a consequence. In fact, your insurer could drop you as a client.